step 2
upload the PLUG_PLAYLISTS.json file
to make one, read this how-to

save your PLUG_PLAYLISTS.json files: you'll be able to use them to import your plug.dj playlists into the coming-soon turn.fm!

drag the file into or click on the box

step 3
loading the Google APIs client JS...

step 4
loading playlist information...

if there are very few items left that are stuck, it's likely because soundcloud is having issues. wait, or reload the page and try again.

??? items left

step 5
select playlists you want to export
click on the video items to toggle selection

step 6
authorize APIs you want to use

Soundcloud items will NOT be exported!
Youtube items will NOT be exported!
step 7

0 items succeeded, 0 items failed

step 8
all done! enjoy your playlists.

youtube playlists

failed items
usually due to copyright/availability issues

soundcloud playlists